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A Mosque in islamabad Inaugrates Free of Charge marriage hall for needy households

A Mosque In Islamabad Inaugrates Free-Of-Charge Marriage Hall For Needy Households


Marriage is the foundation of the institution called family. It is also a social and religious obligation, as in Muslim society; it is the only way to develop the concept of family. Although we are advised to keep the marriage ceremony and related events simple, societal pressure often forces us to cross our financial boundaries and burdens households unnecessarily. 


In a true sense, we have become undeclared followers of modern customs and prevailing social rituals. No one dares to challenge them and unquestionably follows them in a bid to maintain social status or keep up with the expectations of others. Many families surpass their budget and spend a large amount of money on weddings. This, in return, adds financial burden or even pushes them into debt.


Considering these circumstances, the management of Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8 in Islamabad has inaugurated a free-of-charge marriage hall in the city. The management aims to assist deserving families in celebrating their daughters’ weddings in a dignified and respected manner. 


This is not only a wedding hall, but all the required services, such as a stage for the bride and groom, crookery, tables, and trained waiters and other staff, are a part of this compassionate service. This initiative is no less than a blessing for deserving families who want to create memories and make their wedding day special for their loved ones.


Given the unprecedented inflation and unemployment, sustenance has become a major issue in the country. Amidst these severe economic conditions, it is nearly impossible to manage a decent marriage event, especially for economically disadvantaged people. This step will create a positive impact in the society. Firstly, it will alleviate the financial burden on poor families and households, and secondly, it will incite others to create kindred facilities in other parts of the country.  


Furthermore, the mosque's management can be contacted to book the hall. The management suggests that families invite a maximum of 100 to 120 individuals to attend the events and also states that activities will not halt during prayer times.




A mosque in Islamabad inaugurates a free-of-charge marriage hall for needy and low-income families. All the basic facilities will also be made available to deserving families, and the hall can be booked easily by contacting the mosque's management. This step seems positive to assist needy and unprivileged families as they can celebrate their daughter’s weddings with dignity and respect. 


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