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Citi Housing Kharian

Citi Housing Kharin - Premium Properties in Islamabad

Citi Housing Kharin Introduction

Citi Housing Kharian is a new project by Citi Housing that promotes Gold Standard Living in Pakistan. This amazing and brilliant housing society will be a great addition to the modern living style for the people of Kharian. This real estate residential project will grab an essential status in the real estate market of Pakistan, especially Kharian. Interestingly, it is a new project by a well-known housing society.

The primary purpose of this Citi Housing Kharian development is to provide the people with the latest facilities and enable the investors to invest in this prime standard society in the city of Kharian. Society management is on a mission to renovate the lifestyle in every city in Pakistan. Moreover, it will become a world-class housing society with brilliant development work and excellent facilities.

have your own home, h is an excellent opportunity to buy your plot in this beautiful housing society The investors also have brighter chances of profit by investing in this housing that is the initial stage and can return a good amount of profit in the upcoming days.

Citi Housing Kharian Noc Status

Residents and investors need to know about the NOC status of Citi Housing Kharian to validate the legal status of the society. The management has applied for NOC and waiting for its approval. It is expected that NOC for this society will be approved within a few days. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its legal as the community has already delivered magnificent housing projects.

pose you are new to the real estate market, particularly housing societies. In that case, you need to know about the NOC, which stands for No Objection Certificate, which defines whether a community is legal or illegal. Investing in societies with NOC status and reliable societies with a NOC in the process is always recommended. So, it would help 0 you invested in this significant society in Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Owers And Developers

Amer Malik is the owner of this modern housing society and is on a mission to make kharian a modern city with modern facilities. The portfolio of this housing development firm consists of iconic projects to improve the residents’ lives in the fantastic housing society. Amer Malik is well-known for delivering magnificent housing projects in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Multan, and Sialkot.

The owner and developers of Citi Housing Kharin have a magnificent reputation in Pakistan's real estate market due to their diverse, glorious, and reliable housing society project. They have been in housing societies since 2011. Over the years, they have developed a phenomenal status in the real estate market due to their exceptional development work and quality services.

The developers have a unique history of excellent development work to facilitate the residents with several amenities. Their Development standard fulfills the requirement of businesses, investors, dealers, and residents. Owners and developers have clear plans with magnificent execution for them all facilities under the one umbrella of Citi housing Kharian.

Citi Housing Kharian Location

The location of Citi Housing is on Grand Trunk (GT) Road, the most valuable and premium road in Pakistan. This road has immense importance in real estate in Pakistan as it connects various cities. Being on GT Road is an excellent investment decision because it is on GT Road with a neighborhood with other magnificent housing societies such as New Metro City Kharian.

Nearby Places

The nearby places always have a vital role in the value of any real property. 11 is understood that a good neighbor always provides you with goodness and vice versa. In the real estate market, you can’t neglect the importance of nearby places when you are going to buy a commercial or residential plot. Therefore, it is essential for you to consider nearby places to analyze the market rate for your plot in the upcoming days.

These places are near Citi Housing Kharian

  1. New Metro City Kharian
  2. Grand City Kharian
  3. GT Road
  4. Bhugwal
  5. Main Kharian City

Access Points:

You can easily access Citi Housing through these access points:

  1. Three minutes away from GT road
  2. Four minutes away from Grand City Kharian
  3. Seven minutes away from New Metro City Kharian
  4. Twenty-one minutes away from Kharian
  5. Thirty-two minutes away from Bhugwal

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan

Experienced Citi Housing developers have designed an elegant master plan for this attractive society in Kharian. The expert designers with superior experience and qualifications have monitored the master plan design. There will be different phases in this magnificent housing society. So, this master plan will beat the master plans of other communities in Kharian.

The developers then plan to develop mosques, educational institutes, medicare centers, parks, shopping marls, parlors, cinemas, and an elegant power supply system. The blocks of this society will be connected through carpeted roads and streets. Citi Housing Kharian has declared a magnificent thematic park to enhance the beauty of this society. This park will be the first kind of this peak in Kharian that will attract residents and investors. They aim to develop the residential and commercial plots in such a way that society becomes the top-notch residential place in Kharian

Layout Plan

The layout plan is an integral part of a master plan for Citi Housing Kharian that describes the residential plot sizes. Are you living in a rental home and looking for your own home? Citi housing scheme provides an excellent opportunity to buy your plot to develop your home according to your choice. Therefore, you must purchase your plot in this elegant society in Kharian.

These plots sizes are available for residency:

  1. 5 Marla
  2. 7 Marla
  3. 10 Marla
  4. 1 Kanal
  5. 2 Kanal

Commercial plots have significant value in a housing society because no one can buy a residential plot in a society with no commercial area. Therefore, the Citi housing society is including commercial plots to encourage investors to invest in this real estate project. You can buy a commercial plot for a construction office, plaza, shopping mall, and retail shop.

Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan

is a good time to know about the payment plan when you have information about the owners and developers, NOC status, location, and master plan about the society. The payment plan varies for residential and residential plots. However, residential plots of distinctive sizes also have distinctive payment plans according to the flexibility of people. You can check the payment plan of Citi Housing Kharian.

Residential Payment Plan

3 Marla Payment Plan

Commercial Payment Plan

How Can I Book A Plot In Citi Housing Kharian?

the plot booking procedure is very easy for every resident and investor. therefore, you stay cool and comfortable. for your convenience, Ally Properties will guide you throughout the procedure.

Booking Procedure

You have to follow this booking procedure:

  1. Fill out a booking application to buy a plot
  2. Provide the CNIC copies and photographs of the applicant
  3. Make a down payment for your plot

Guideline For Selling/Purchasing

When you are going to purchase or sell your plot in this society, you needle follow these steps for a smooth and excellent dealing procedure:

Document Verification

Document verification is necessary to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication for your satisfaction. You must check the NOC status before dealing in real estate property in this brilliant society.

Financial Security

Before finalizing the purchase process, it is important for you to make sure that your payment is lined up with the payment plan. So, you will not face any problems with buying a plot in this society.

Property Visit

The last and most important step after verifying documents and having financial security is a property visit. It is a necessary step to visit your purchased plot to have satisfaction with the location.

Benefits Of Investment In Citi Housing Kharian

There are several benefits of making an investment in residential plots in this society. Let's have a look at a few prominent benefits:

Non-Depreciable Asset

Real estate property isn’t a depreciable asset because Rs value is boosted on a daily basis. Moreover, your real estate property asset doubles its value within a few years.

Financial Security

When you have your commercial or residential plot in this society, you will be confident about your financial security. Therefore, it is also satisfaction for your future.

Passive Income

Real estate property is a source of passive income tel investors as they can rent their properties to have a consistent income.

Citi Housing Kharian Facilities

When you are going to build a home or business in a society, your first concern will be about the facilities available in society. The facilities will make your life easy through the services available within society. Therefore, you need to check out the facilities available in this society.


The developers have the vision to build a big mosque with other mosques for each block in this society. The big mosque of the society is always known as a Jannia-e- Majid. The people will be able to perform religious duties during prominent events such as Friday prayer and Eid-ul-Adha. The mosques are available in all blocks to enable the residents to perform their religious duties on a daily basis.

Undoubtedly, A mosque often known as Majid has brilliant importance in Pakistan and has the majority of Muslims. Therefore, society has decided to build mosques around the blocks to make the residents offer prayers and other duties easily in their blocks. The owners and developers are doing their best to give the perfect design and style to the mosques.

Educational Institutes

In Pakistan, the literacy rate is on the increase on Ira daily basis because people have come to know about the importance of education to live peacefully and stable in society. Unfortunately, there are no significant educational institutes across Pakistan However, different housing societies include educational institutes in their master plan to spread the light of knowledge.

The Citi Housing society management is working on the development of a world-class school system in a society where children will be able to get a top-notch education under the guidance of experienced and qualified teachers. Moreover, every child will be able to gel a basic education within society conveniently. Therefore, society is prioritizing basic fundamentals such as Majid, School, and medical services.

Medical Service

People are facing various types of health problems because of different reasons. Sadly, people can’t access top-notch medical services in Pakistan and can’t afford expensive treatments. Moreover, the health problem is increasing daily which is a dangerous zone for the citizens. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the best health services to the residents of society.

Citi Housing Kharian is one of Pakistan’s lop residential housing societies that provides world-class facilities to its users. In the Kharian project, developers are giving immense importance to medical services that are compulsory to have in society. These medical services will be helpful for patients who are fighting different types of diseases.

Security System

In Pakistan, the security system is the primary concern for every citizen because of terrorism. Therefore, every investor and resident prefers the security system when they are going to buy their plots. Every housing society in Pakistan knows the value of a security system for its residents and investors. Security also has a magnificent role in the value of any real estate property.

Citi Housing Kharian has a robust semidry system with the latest digital equipment to enhance the security of every resident within the society. In this way, every person will live in a secure and safe environment. The management is working to install CCTV cameras to make sure nothing unethical happens within the boundary wall of this fantastic society in Kharian.


Entertainment is necessary for everyone ranging from children to old, to keep themselves fit and healthy Therefore, government and private housing societies pay attention to building amazing parks in their societies to enable the citizen to enjoy and relax in a peaceful and eco-friendly environment So, parks are important parks for every block

Citi housing society has a comprehensive master plan to build parks in different parks to let the blocks’ residents have entertainment in their convenient places. Moreover, parks are perfect for relaxing your mind and body to avoid stress and other problems.


Citi Housing Kharian is the great real estate housing society in Kharian and going to become a top-notch residential society in Pakistan. Moreover, it is a golden time for residents and investors to buy their plots in the desired block of society. If you are looking to invest in this society, Ally Properties is always available to help you with brilliant investment options.

Society Features

Modern Education Facilities

Health Center

Electricity Backup

CCTV Surveillance

Waste Disposal


Payment plan


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Society Location

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