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2023-07-07 15:13:36.473004 Blog

The need for micro-apartments in pakistan

The Need for Micro-apartments in Pakistan

The growing population and unabated urbanization have increased dependency on micro-apartments not only in Pakistan but around the globe. They are somehow easy to afford than buying a house and provide a standardized living to a huge number of people in a limited space. In modern times, micro-apartments have become crucial as they are considered a better solution for prevailing housing crises in the country.

With an estimated population of 225 million, Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world and stands at the 6th number. The population growth rate of the country is also high in the region. Further, rapid urbanization and insufficient resource to manage that influx of people stress on the development of micro-apartments because they are designed to maximize the use of space and provide people with affordable yet desired living places.

Urban Sprawl

Cities are expanding irregularly as more people move to cities for a better lifestyle. Conventional housing options require more space to accommodate such a large population and thus lead to urban sprawl. Developing micro-apartments can curtail this issue and, if focused properly, cities can be regulated easily.

Locational advantages

Location is the most crucial factor in real estate. People want to live in key areas where they have access to every facility like public transportation, educational and health institutes, shopping facilities, etc. It seems impossible in conventional houses but micro-apartments can be the best solution to this problem as they can be built in high-density areas.


Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We need to curtail these changes by adopting modern methods in every sphere of our lives. Micro-apartments are environmentally friendly because we can build these apartments with fewer resources and less energy is consumed in the construction of micro-apartments than the usual living places. 


Micro-apartments are the need of the hour. Just the development of these apartments can have manifold advantages for us as we can manage our increasing population and irregular expansion of cities by building these apartments. In addition, a huge number of people can be entertained in a limited space and this method of living has a positive impact on nature. 


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