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Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is a tremendous project, with a budget of over two billion dollars, envisaged over three years. Because the residential complex is located within the Capital, it will be approved soon by the Capital Development Authority. The project spans a large five-hundred to seven-hundred-acre plot of land, forming a city inside a city. The community is well-equipped with excellent amenities and facilities.
The Eighteen Islamabad is expected to provide world-class residences, an impressive masterplan, and a premium location for those looking to transform their living space into a lavish lifestyle. The Eighteen Islamabad will be a beautiful blend of apartments and villas built in a distinctive style.

Eighteen Islamabad Location:

The Eighteen Islamabad enterprise is located on the Kashmir Highway, a great neighborhood. It’s around five kilometers from Golra Mor and less than three kilometers from the Islamabad-Lahore exit. The Eighteen Islamabad is the nearest residence to Islamabad and is within a short distance from the International Airport of Islamabad. In the area of the Eighteen Islamabad lies the University town, an old housing scheme. The place is relatively simple and can be found using Google Maps. Many well-known housing developments, such as Top City and Taj Residencia, are located near the venture.

Eighteen Islamabad Accessibility Points:

The Eighteen Islamabad is easily accessible from many places; mentioned below are some of them.

  • The Eighteen Islamabad is an eleven-minute drive away from the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M2).
  • The venture is seven minutes away from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M1).
  • It is a six-minute drive away from the interchange of the Islamabad motorway.
  • The project is a thirteen-minute drive away from the Islamabad International Airport.
  • It is a three-minute drive away from the Tarnol Highway.

Eighteen Islamabad Master Plan:

The Eighteen Islamabad has a massive master plan totaling 2.7 million square yards. The project includes two thousand residential units and 1,688 villas of various sizes. In addition, there are nine hundred of flats in the commercial sector geared to the venture’s middle and upper classes. Calisson RTKL abstracted the master plan, which was created by the well-known planner WATG. A one-of-a-kind gold course is also expected to join the venture, intended by IDG. It’s similar to the Capital Smart City Golf Course.

Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plans:

The prices of eighteen Islamabad residential properties are mentioned below:

Eighteen Islamabad Residential Payment Plan:

Eighteen Islamabad Apartments Payment Plan:

Eighteen Islamabad Villas Project:

Mentioned below are the commercial properties of Eighteen Islamabad

The Core:

The core is Eighteen Islamabad’s leading contemporary development, which aims to provide investors with excellent commercial options and prospects. The core has been designated 13 towers, which indicates 13 skyscrapers will be utilized to build a commercial center. The commercial sector will support modern society by introducing new business opportunities. Furthermore, the core will be made with exquisite architecture. It will include cutting-edge designs and a professional atmosphere. The core’s goal is to attract large corporations.

The Club:

The Club is the most enticing element of Eighteen Islamabad. It is well situated in the middle of the project, with a view of the golf course. It is intended to become the focal point for social gatherings and meetings. For example, it will serve as a gathering place for social engagements. It will have a breathtaking view of lakes, as it overlooks the golf course. Thus, it will be an excellent location for parties, conferences, and meals. The club will provide a diverse choice of entertainment, including a supper patio. There will be a cricket pitch, a sports complex, a swimming pool, a yoga studio, a squash court, and a cigar bar.

The Square:

The Square is designed to provide inhabitants with a never-ending shopping and dining experience. It will be open-air with beautiful architecture to satisfy you. Furthermore, the square will have a diverse range of brands and eateries to appeal to a wide range of tastes. The square, which has three levels, will be an excellent place for people to get away, dine, shop, relax, and spend their weekends.

The Resort:

The Resort will include one-fifty rooms, all of which will be equipped with world-class facilities and services, allowing customers to enjoy a 5-star experience. The Resort, located in the heart of eighteen Islamabad, will give excellent and unforgettable services. Residents can enjoy spa services, gourmet restaurants, and a recreation center. Furthermore, the Resort is relatively large, accommodating up to a thousand people at a time.

The Clinic:

The Clinic is a facility designed to handle all medical emergencies. The Clinic will be fully equipped to handle any trouble that may arise at any moment. Residents will have access to medical help and personnel 24/7. Intensive Care Units, Patient Wards, and skilled medical staff will be available at the Clinic at all times to deal with health concerns competently.

Facilities and Amenities:

The Eighteen Islamabad endeavor, with a budget of over $2 billion, is on track to become Pakistan’s most significant and most polished housing development. The company intends to reach for the skies with such a large budget. The Eighteen Islamabad pledges to provide first-class amenities and resources to its inhabitants.
The following are some of the essential characteristics of Eighteen Islamabad:

  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Fitness Centers
  • Opulent Villas
  • Lavish Commercial Hub – The Core
  • The Luxury Residence – The Heights
  • Exceptional Amenities
  • Global Standard Educational Institutes
  • Theme Parks
  • Beautiful Lakes
  • Health Care Units
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Recreational Centre
  • Excellent Shopping Experience – The Square
  • Jamia Mosques
  • Exceptional Dining – The Resort

How to Book a Land in Eighteen Islamabad?

To reserve a plot in the Eighteen Islamabad, come to the office with the following documents:

  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Two photocopies of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • NICOP for International consumers
  • Two photocopies of the next-of-identity kin’s card

Society Features

Golf Club

Modern Education Facilities

Shopping Malls

Commmunity Center

Health Care Center

24/7 Security

Payment plan


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