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2023-08-01 07:39:02.852460

Sindh to allocate more land for palm tree plantation


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After much delay, the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) has decided to revive the palm tree plantation project to meet the rising demands.


Palm tree plantation has been a topic of discussion in Pakistan since the inception of the previous government. But both the incumbent and previous governments could not materialize the project of developing palm oil within the country to meet the rising oil demands. Furthermore, the Sindh government has also been unable to transpire its project of planting palm trees on 10000 acres of land mainly because of a shortage of raw materials. 


Impacts of the Delay in Palm Tree Plantation


  • Pakistan was to become self-sufficient in this domain, but this delay did not let it happen

  • It enhanced Pakistan’s reliance on costly palm oil imports, putting pressure on the already fragile economy

  • Timely palm tree plantations could develop downstream industries, leading to more employment

  • This project could have impacted positively on the environment


Palm tree Plantation: New development


The Coastal Development Authority (CDA) has decided to revive and expedite the project. Considering the urgency of the project, it has decided to launch this project on an urgent basis with an estimated cost of RS356 million. Additionally, 2,000 acres of land have also been allocated to the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) to expand the horizon of this project.




The project will have several benefits for the country.


  • It will reduce Pakistan’s dependence on imported oil and make the country self-sufficient in this domain.

  • It will create numerous employment opportunities and foster the development of related industries.

  • Palm tree plantation will reduce the government’s import expenses, leading to economic stability

  • Furthermore, its environmental benefits cannot be denied because the development of such a vast number of palm trees will have positive environmental benefits.




The government of Pakistan had announced the palm tree plantation project to make the country sufficient to reduce its import expenses, but the government could not materialize this project, and after years of delay, the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) has announced its decision o revive the landmark project with an estimated cost of RS356 million.




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