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2023-06-04 18:41:13.742181 News

Gwadar To Commence Night Landing Operations

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has offered a night landing license to Gwadar International Airport. On Sunday, It announced that night landing operations will be allowed as soon as the airport starts its operations. It only permitted overnight landing but did not approve overnight parking of aircraft.

The biggest airport in Pakistan is to start its operations in September this year. Federal Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal has recently directed the CAA and other concerned authorities to complete the development work before the inception of the airport in September this year. It is pertinent to mention that this project is being constructed under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Gwadar International Airport

This is the era of interdependence and geopolitics of the region demands collaboration and mutual dependence. Pakistan and China have come closer to meeting their mutual ends and have started China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to develop Pakistan’s communication and energy infrastructure. Gwadar International Airport is a part of this giant joint venture between the two states.

This airport will be the biggest in Pakistan and is worth $246 million. A Chinese firm had been awarded the license for its development and after the development, it will be handed over to Pakistan Civil Aviation Administration. 

Benefits for Pakistan

Promotes Tourism and a Positive Image

The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman have been covered by Dubai International Airport and it also largely covers the air travel and tourism industry in the region. Gwadar Airport has the potential to challenge the dominancy of Dubai International Airport and attract tourism and 

air travel. Domestic and International flights will be welcomed. In this way, it will not only attract flights but the scenic coastal landscape attract tourism.

Economic Development

The economic benefits of the airport are countless. Firstly, it will produce countless employment opportunities for locals and secondly, it will attract foreign investment in the region and thirdly, related industries will also be set up in that locality

Improve Connectivity 

The airport provides improved connectivity not only to Gwadar but also to the broader region. It allows for convenient travel and transportation options for both passengers and cargo. This enhanced connectivity facilitates business travel, strengthens cultural exchanges, and fosters regional integration.

In a nutshell, the recent announcement by CAA will garner the attention of foreign airlines. Further, the available facilities and development standards of Gwadar Airport make it an international standard airport and it will have a huge role in the development of the region. 

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