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2023-04-03 19:00:31.889460 News

Italy Provisionally Bans ChatGPT Over Privacy Concerns

Since its creation, ChatGPT has been a sensation because of its ability to generate human-like responses to a wide range of questions. Sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms are used in its functioning.


Though it is, undoubtedly, a remarkable achievement but the way it process information and data is yet to be aligned with the privacy policies of some states.


The Italian Data Protection Authority has temporarily banned ChatGPT in Italy. It stated that the action was taken in a frame of recent data breach concerns. The country’s privacy watchdog also iterates that the move is temporary  “until ChatGPT respects privacy.”


With this move, Italy becomes the first country that bans the ChatGPT.  The privacy authority of Italy referred to  “the lack of a notice to users and to all those involved whose data is gathered by OpenAI” and said there appears to be “no legal basis underpinning the massive collection and processing of personal data in order to ‘train’ the algorithms on which the platform relies”. In addition, the authority also asked OpenAI to report to it within 20 days to inform it about the measures it would take. Otherwise, It will move to seek a fine for the chatbot of up to 17.5 million euros or 4% of annual revenue.


ChatGPT founder Sam Altman in his tweet writes, “We of course defer to the Italian government and have ceased offering ChatGPT in Italy (though we think we are following all privacy laws). Italy is one of my favorite countries and I look forward to visiting again soon!


It is also important to mention that more than 1000 artificial intelligence experts including Elon Musk called for a 6-month immediate pause in the creation of AI to address concerns that companies are developing digital minds that cannot be predicted and controlled properly. During this time, capabilities and dangers will be examined and mitigated.

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