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2023-05-16 16:13:40.306518 News

Pakistan Population Crosses 241 Million Mark

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics informed about the country's current population and stated that the country's population had reached 241 million. Pakistan is the 33rd largest country in the world by land while the 5th largest country in terms of population as the country has the highest fertility rate in South Asia.

Causes of population Increase

Numerous cultural and social factors can be considered the impetus for high birth rates in the country, such as illiteracy or limited access to relevant education and intuit of large families, etc. Furthermore, in the lower strata of the country, children are also viewed as economic assets. This concept encourages families to produce more children as they think they would be better cared for in their declining years. It is also pertinent to mention that several governments have introduced myriad efforts to address this issue, but ostensibly, they needed help to get the desired outcomes. 

Consequences of Population Increase

The rapid increase in population poses significant challenges to the development of the country and, somehow, may hinder the development and equal provision of basic facilities like potable water, relevant education, advanced health facilities, etc to the masses. In the first place, resources are limited, and planning and proper management of the available resources are also scarce, and this uncontrolled expansion creates challenges and even exacerbates poverty and inequality in the country.

Things to do to meet the ends

Over time, several incumbent governments highlighted this issue and tried to resolve or at least limit it. Stern efforts are badly required to overhaul the entire cultural-based narratives. Literacy comes first. It strengthens the reasoning and intellectual powers of an individual. Literate families are usually small or dubbed nuclear families because they understand their social and parental responsibilities. The entire prevailing narrative is needed to be altered. 

In modern times, family planning has become a crucial factor to consider. Most people, especially in rural areas, are deprived of access to family planning services. The government must ensure the provision of these demanded yet essential facilities to its citizens. Furthermore, youth can also be engaged to propagate this issue, and the provision of economic incentives, such as tax reductions, etc. to nuclear families might also change the established chain of thought regarding family structure.


According to the recent statistics of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country's population reaches 241 million. Yearly population growth in Pakistan seems to be declining, but still, the population growth rate in the country is higher than in the rest of the South Asian countries. Socio-cultural factors and illiteracy usually spoil the endeavors of the state. In order to manage our population we need to reframe the existing pattern of debate and educate our people.

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